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Your dream candidate is just around the corner.


Direct  Hire

Let our experienced recruiters identify and screen candidates on your behalf.

Shorten your search for a full-time addition to your team.


See only the candidates who pass our rigorous screening process.


Gain access to tough-to-find passive candidates.

Temp to Hire

Try one of our employees on the job before committing to a full-time offer!


​​Avoid a bad hiring decision and educe the time and cost of hiring.


Short- and long-term temporary employees available at your request.

Last minute fill-ins, vacation coverage, contract employees, project specialists and seasonal help.​

Workflow-network associates are personally interviewed, tested and reference checked to ensure they meet your requirements.

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The Workflow Network

The Zone

1256 W Jefferson St Joliet, IL 60435 suite 104


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